Danny Daze – “Zone”


We live in a society where your popularity relies heavily on who you know and how well you’re “connected”. Artists are scared to push the boundaries of music and reach new horizons, all while releasing repetitive, rubbish records that most of you know because they are on rotation in whichever “Top 100” genre you listen to. Innovation, creativity and skills have taken the backseat in today’s popularity contest amongst DJs/producers.

One of the artists who is not scared of pushing the boundaries is Danny Daze, and if you wanted to finish the summer off with a BOMB of a tune, look no further than “Zone“. Monster bass line guides this gem, followed by dark, yet seductive lyrics that will make you groove with every inch of your body. It is impossible to describe Danny’s style in one word, but if you close your eyes and envision a place where techno, house, acid and disco all blend together, you would be pretty damn close! Make sure to support the release by purchasing it and keep an eye on him as he makes a huge splash in EDM industry. 😀


One Response to “Danny Daze – “Zone””

  1. Be sure to check out this new track whenever you get the opportunity.

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