Danny Daze – “Zone”

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We live in a society where your popularity relies heavily on who you know and how well you’re “connected”. Artists are scared to push the boundaries of music and reach new horizons, all while releasing repetitive, rubbish records that most of you know because they are on rotation in whichever “Top 100” genre you listen to. Innovation, creativity and skills have taken the backseat in today’s popularity contest amongst DJs/producers.

One of the artists who is not scared of pushing the boundaries is Danny Daze, and if you wanted to finish the summer off with a BOMB of a tune, look no further than “Zone“. Monster bass line guides this gem, followed by dark, yet seductive lyrics that will make you groove with every inch of your body. It is impossible to describe Danny’s style in one word, but if you close your eyes and envision a place where techno, house, acid and disco all blend together, you would be pretty damn close! Make sure to support the release by purchasing it and keep an eye on him as he makes a huge splash in EDM industry. 😀


M83 – Intro (Yotto Rework)

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Cadenza fever has sprawled all over the globe naturally, and one man who is responsible for composing the closest piece of work that we will get to Luciano’s bomb (track starts at about 3 minutes in) which he was playing all summer long is Finland’s Otto Ylipertulla – up and coming producer and dj hailing from Helsinki! Head over to his Soundcloud page for a free download of the track. Tech house fever in full effect! 😉

Beatport Mixes

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Yes, I know I’m a bit late, but I just learned about Beatport’s latest addition to their powerhouse website that is absolutely dominating all other mp3-selling websites out there. The team behind the original concept did a wonderful job coming up with another wicked idea. Now, you are able to purchase mixes and sample them track by track, and best of it all, they are extremely cheaper than buying a fully mixed release from some major label (mixes they have on there are quality to top it off!). Check them out now by clicking here. 🙂

I am a believer.

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Driving home at :615am after working a midnight shift, through a fog-covered expressway blasting Carlo Lio’s “Coppa” is very reminiscent of being at the end of a proper party in some Ibiza nightclub.


This is how my “return” post would have sounded last October had I decided to write it. But here we are more than half a year later, and there is something that always brings me back to realm of blogging and sharing my love for this music that just doesn’t seem to go away.

A lot has changed since my last visit here.

Man named Carlo Lio, whose Comfort Zone set I posted in October of 2009, was just your average DJ at the time. At the time he had a few — still unrecognized — but quality releases under his belt, much like many of you aspiring DJs who visit this blog. Today, that same man is dominating the Beatport charts with track after track, and is one of the most sought-after producers with gigs all over the globe.

Remember Enton Mushi? Whom I had a brief stint with as DJ duos and planned to produce records with years ago? Well let’s just say that he helped me a lot, and tried getting me to take things more seriously by showing me around Ableton, sharing all sorts of tutorials with me, but my lack of motivation and work schedule at the time where I was literally stuck for 2 and a half years working midnights, got the best of me. And I deeply regret it. Enton is still doing his thing, found his calling in electronic music and had his tracks featured in Tiesto’s “Club Life Episode 188” mix as well as Armin Van Buuren’s “State of Trance” among many other major accomplishments and working with world-class names on remixes and whatnot.

These are just 2 examples that make me wonder had I committed myself to music at the same level they did, where would I be today?

No matter how hard I try not to think about it, the thought is still in my head.

On a personal level, I’m heading a different direction in life. No longer I feel trapped inside a workplace where I know I don’t belong. Music is where my heart is at. My soul. I would even go as far to say that my taste in electronic music has completely evolved, and I have found myself — my own sound — that’s so calming and beautiful to my ears, I would never let it go.
Let’s see where the journey takes us this time…

Movement 2010 News – Confirmed Early Line-Up + Early Bird Tickets On Sale

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Some massive news right here folks! Yesterday Paxahau team released early line-up of deejays confirmed so far to appear at Movement 2010 this May 29th through 31st. This could be one of the best line-ups we’ve had in years, and with more surprises coming and more big names to be announced, one can’t help but wish for some familiar faces that were terrific during last year’s festival to add to the hype. I’m looking forward to many(!) talents that were released as of today, and can’t wait to see what’s in store for us shortly! Early bird tickets went on sale for 40$USD and you can purchase those by clicking here. Stay tuned as I will keep you posted about upcoming news! 😉

Mauro Picotto @ Meganite, Ibiza

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Newest offering by our friends at ‘Dance Trippin TV’ is video episode by untouchable Mauro Picotto! The man is on a mission and delivers high-octane set full of tech flavour that will get you grooving regardless mood you’re in. Classic!


February 6th, 2010 – Interview with Miss Sunshine

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First of all I would like to thank Miss Sunshine for taking time to do this interview! This one hits home because I used to live next to Osijek so it’s a good feeling interviewing someone from where I grew up! Welcome to Feeling Mnml! 🙂
Thank you!! 🙂

1. How did you get into electronic dance music?
My journey into electronic music starts back from 1995 when I, as a
really young girl, discovered electronic type of music. Back then
parties were small and more underground. I started to attend these
events and met some people who guided me later through my DJ path. In
1997 I started to DJ, and that same year I got my first residency in
my hometown in a very popular club “Oxygene”. This is where it all

2. Who are some of your influences?
My influences changed through the years. Every year brings something
different and important to me. Last few years as I am more focused on
music production I tend to get inspired from producers whose music I
like and play, when back in the days, DJ’s an their skills where the
things that made that kind of impact and inspiration on me. My top 4
producers whose music inspired me the most in lately are : Miro Pajic,
Tim Xavier, Re:Axis & Gaiser.

3. How would say the techno/minimal scene is developing in Croatia?
How about Osijek in particular, is the scene big there?
I think scene in Croatia is worst then ever. There are very few good
parties and quality driven clubs with quality music. There are almost
no minimal oriented parties.
People are stuck in the old times and are listening old music without
any wish for anything new and fresh.. I really can’t understand that..
Osijek once had great scene with over 1000 people who were regular
partygoers, and now we can only wish for 100 of them and that is the
best case scenario!
Osijek at the time, was a place of music innovation and top DJs where
filling clubs every weekend .. and now the quality of music is a low
Maybe the fact that I haven’t played in my hometown for over a year
now is also telling you something about my town..

4. What is your most memorable moment in your career so far?
Uhh.. this is a though question.. There are so many beautiful moments
in my 13 years old career as a Dj an now as a producer.
If we’re talking about parties I would definitely have to say that my
best DJ memories come from Exit Festival (Serbia). Also I have to
mention Valkana Beach Festival – one of the biggest electronic music
festivals back in the croatian golden music era , and then there is a
beautiful club from Romania – Studio Martin (Bucharest) , and also
countless beautiful gigs around the Europe where I got to meet
beautiful people. Last but not the least to mention my project Queens
of Minimal Techno together with my partner Viktoria Rebeka.
On the production side, best moments are definitely my first releases
with my partner Marko Moree (now Volster) few years ago. We were soo
happy that something is finally happening on the production side and
were very proud of it!
And also my first solo EP on Monocline Record in December 2009.
I remember when I first sent my demo to Monocline, I was sooo excited
as they were my first choice and label in which I saw myself….
When they listened to it they invited me to become a member of that
beautiful label!

5. If you weren’t into making music, where do you think we could find
you today?

To be honest I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. but if I try
really hard to imagine… maybe I would work something involving
marketing – management as I have a degree in economics 🙂

6. If you could have a conversation with any person, dead or alive,
who would it be and why?

My dad. who past away few years ago, too early .. I think we would
have so much more to tell to each other…

7. You’re stranded on the island. You can only bring 3 things. What are they?
If I wanna stay there: my boyfriend, my dog and music.
If I wanna leave : a plane or a boat with enough fuel in it 😀

8. What are some of the things we can expect from you in the future?
I am working hard in the studio, many projects are planned. Here is
the list of some Eps and RMXs I plan to release till June:

2010 | Re:Axis – Everything that we know (Miss Sunshine rmx) – Monocline
2010 | Clone Kent – Appearance (Miss Sunshine rmx) – Redukt
2010 | Miss Sunshine – Dark Me Out EP + Jan Hendez rmx – Schoene Musik
2010 | Billy Johnston – Get up! (Miss Sunshine rmx)
2010 | Mild Bang – Up & Left (Miss Sunshine rmx) – Rationalism
2010 | V.A.tools – Do you have 1min. of your time – Monocline
2010 | Miss Sunshine & Volster – (no title yet) vinyl – Schoene Musik
2010 | V.A. – (no title yet) – Schoene Musik
2010 | Miss Sunshine – (no title yet) LP – Monocline
and many more..

Also hoping to tour much more and to visit parts of this beautiful
planet I never visited before 🙂